Shinya Seki

Born in Osaka, Japan.

In his childhood, Shinya loved to play in his grandfather’s garment factory and learned how enjoyable it is to create from scratch.  

He studied creation and techniques at Bunka Fashion College and developed his own draping technique. He immersed himself in the search of innovative ways to make fabrics for the regional production and created new designs using traditional Japanese techniques and natural materials from the local area.  

As a result of his efforts, he won many international competitions while he was at college. 

In 2011, he launched his own brand “shinyaseki” in Shibuya Tokyo and set up his atelier.  


Shinyaseki creates a unique combination of traditional Japanese know-how, natural fabrics and original draping techniques. The designer’s distinctive minimalist style makes the best use of the texture of natural materials.   


Shinyaseki has started exhibiting collection in Paris since 2017.  

His collection is known and highly appreciated in many countries such as France, Israel, Greece, and the United States. 



2008. 31st HPF original fashion contest 

2008.   50th NDK new Designer contest                        

2008.   60th anniversary NDC new designer competition            

2008.   9th japan fashion design competition     

2009.   84th soen prize

2009.   N1 mode grand-prix 

2009.   32nd HPE  original fashion contest

2009.   10th japan fashion design competition

2009.   4th fashion creator of the year award international competition

2010.   3rd mitsubishi rayon design contest

2011.    tokyo new designer Fashion grand-prix 

2012.   shine material fashion contest in japan 




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